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"Toys are not just objects of play; they are vessels of imagination, bridges to creativity, and catalysts for boundless dreams. Regardless of age, a simple toy becomes a gateway to a world where possibilities know no limits, reminding us that the power of imagination can shape the future and inspire the extraordinary." 🌟

 Lakshmi-2, after the Vex invasion of the Tower





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Toys, the valiant Fallen ally, emerges as a pivotal character within the Disrupt the Ritual encounter of Savathûn's Spire during Destiny 2's Season of the Witch. Clad in battle-worn armor and armed with weapons steeped in resilience, Toys exemplifies unwavering determination and loyalty. This intrepid ally stands side by side with Guardians, offering invaluable support against the encroaching darkness. Their presence within the Spire serves as a beacon of unity, demonstrating the strength that can be found in unexpected alliances. In the heat of battle, Toys' noble spirit and unyielding resolve inspire fellow Guardians, showcasing the power of camaraderie amidst chaos. As players navigate the challenges of Savathûn's Spire, Toys becomes a symbol of hope and solidarity, reminding us of the importance of cooperation in the face of formidable adversaries.



Toys' origins can be traced back to the tumultuous aftermath of the Collapse, a cataclysmic

event that reshaped the Destiny universe and cast the Eliksni civilization into disarray. Born

amidst the remnants of House Playtime, a fallen Eliksni House struggling to survive in the

post-apocalyptic landscape, Toys' early life was marked by scarcity, conflict, and the

relentless quest for survival. The Collapse left the Eliksni survivors in a state of nomadic existence, where resources were scarce, and danger was ever-present. It was within this unforgiving environment that Toys and their fellow House members honed their skills in scavenging, combat, and resourcefulness.

Amid the ruins of their fallen House, Toys emerged as a figure of exceptional resilience and adaptability, qualities that would prove indispensable in the harsh reality of the post-Collapse world. Their ability to navigate the treacherous landscapes, fend off rival Eliksni factions, and make the most of limited resources marked them as a symbol of strength and pragmatism. In a universe overshadowed by darkness, Toys and their House Playtime became beacons of adaptability, embodying the qualities required for survival.

Journey with the Guardians

In the face of mounting threats from the Darkness and the constant danger of rival Eliksni factions, Toys recognized the necessity of forming strategic alliances to secure the survival of their people. The resurgence of the Light, characterized by the reawakening of the Traveler and the emergence of Guardians, presented a unique opportunity for collaboration. Fueled by a pragmatic understanding of mutual benefit, Toys and House Playtime chose to align their destiny with the Guardians. This marked a turning point, shifting their focus from mere survival to the broader objective of establishing a stable and secure future for House Playtime. Their alliance with the Guardians provided access to crucial resources, knowledge, and combat expertise, laying the foundation for Toys' pivotal role in the ongoing struggle against the encroaching Darkness.


Toys' journey from the remnants of House Playtime to a respected ally among the Guardians symbolizes the spirit of adaptability and cooperation amidst adversity. Their story serves as a testament to the strength that can be found in unity, transcending the boundaries of race and history. Toys' legacy resonates through the annals of Eliksni and Guardian history, a narrative of resilience, pragmatism, and the unwavering pursuit of a brighter future. Through their alliance with the Guardians, Toys continues to shape the destiny of their people, forging a legacy built on cooperation, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of a better tomorrow.


In the Fallen version of the Disrupt the Ritual encounter, on one of the doors at the raised edges around the room, Toys will spawn. He will not attack you, he just looks at you. He may teleport around a little bit, and will eventually disappear entirely.



Toys smiling at the player


Toys frolicking


  • Toys is known for their playful attitude and whimsical demeanor, always bringing a smile to the Guardian's face.

  • Despite their intimidating appearance, Toys has a soft spot for mechanical gadgets and enjoys tinkering with salvaged technology.

  • Toys has a distinctive signature weapon, an Arc powered Spear.

  • Toys' combat style is characterized by swift movements and strategic positioning, showcasing their agility and tactical prowess on the battlefield.

  • Toys is renowned for their ability to inspire fellow Guardians, boosting morale with their unwavering determination and leadership.

  • Outside of combat, Toys enjoys exploring the remnants of Earth's pre-Collapse civilizations, fascinated by human history and culture.

  • Toys has a keen interest in Eliksni lore and traditions, often sharing anecdotes about their House's customs with curious Guardians.

  • Despite the challenges of post-apocalyptic life, Toys maintains a positive outlook and a dry sense of humor, providing moments of levity amidst intense situations.

  • Toys has a unique collection of toys, trinkets and relics salvaged from various worlds, each with its own story, serving as a reminder of the diverse experiences in their journey.

  • Toys is voiced by Paul Tassi.

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