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attention guardan!!! to maake the chalice mechanic work properly on this webpage you must scroll to the bottom thrn back up before reading otherwise it will take a lot longer. do not complain to me if you do not follow the instructio. guardiian down

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Welcome..... to crotas end. This is a exciting fast pacedraid with 100 ecounters so have your wits aboutyou. there will be all kinds of enemies of the darkness coming at you from every direction (on your six, on your three, on yiur twelve, on your nine, on your ten, on your one, on your seven etc) so in this long awaited guide i will teachyou how to end crota, song of oryx.

First encouter: The lanps

The first encounteris the Lanps. This cam ne be the easiest encounter in the game, Remember the Chalice of life from the opening (not explaining that part sorry) ,...? Welp. He's back. yeah. and well. lets just say hes your new best frriend. THis encounter has some lanps you need to put enlightened innto to be able to move. if you hit 10 darkness stack youy die. For a guide of hhow to get Enlightened check our Gos page. In this encoiuter you light the Lanps to move and run and play. There are holes in gthe ground and 5 of them have hidden switches inside. You need to press them all while enlightened to win. Below is a map of this.

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lanps map_edited_edited.jpg
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Second 2nd Ecouster: The bringe

Next encounter..? buckle up. were building a bridge- no not that bridge!!! lol we build to bringe from the moon to crotas lair ( throne for you lore heads :P ). There are 3 plates. You need 2 people om each plate(If you have less than 6 teammates god help you.) someone picks up the cactus of light and pass it to all teammates and pass it to the "Swordbearing Knight." Once the knight has been enlighened he will give you a sword. You need to cross the brodge to kill the enemys with the swor.d. Stay on plates to keep the bringe and then bring everyoneover for the final stand. Use Heavy GLs because youll need to arc them over the bridge to attack. (2).gif
load 4 (2).gif

Forth encounter: Ul Ansanh the Guardian Flayer

The next encounter is our first boss. UI anshanh the friend of crota . This is a round arena with some holes at each corner of them. In each hole is a thrall. When you get enlightened you will see some part of the pattern. You need 3 or more gardians to be enlighted to see the pattern in whic you must kill the thralls. You will then be able to start dps anx extend it by quick;y killing thralls again in a new pattern . SO have a pattern guy to kill those and everyone else dps. The boss stands still so i advise using linear fusion rifle for dps if possible if not then rockets butt expect a 5 phase (enrage at 6)

what happened_edited.jpg (3).gif
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Finalth encounter: Crota, eater of worlds

This final boss is easy the hardest in the game. You need everyone to use a sword  (eager edge recommend for ease of movement (arena is very large)) once you start encounter the walls of the arena will disappear to show it is much larger. Its hard to tell but its aboyt 3x size of pophecy dessert.  You must make players spread out to make sure you get every enlifened to get every sword. You musy time hiting crotion at the same time in the combo. Then? well. heh. lets hope you guys brought out thr big guns(swords swords are meta for this not guns) . Once crota died  his final stand will be a gauntlet of all other raid bosses so check out our guides for those first. Good luck eyes up guardian and may the guardaisn make their own faite be with you.

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