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WELCOME to the OFFICIAL MLGWeed1BruhPro.COm Deepstone crypt community center featuriing our FIRST EVER official FULL RAID GUIDE a guide fir EVERY ENCOUNTER in the DEEP STONE CRYPT

Here in we love to do deep stoner crypt so here is our guide for the first encounter """security"""


just kidding.jpg

Before the first encounter there is a bit of a £"""warm up""" so to speak.... You mjst reach the first encounter by riding byour sparrow through a FROZEN WASTELAND. The way it works is if you are outsifdfe of a "bubble" you will get frostbite when it reches 10 you will die. So all you have to do is reach each bubble until you reach the end . This may seem simple and thats because it is. However there is one trick that is important to help you do this: it is advised to know where each bubble is for maximum efficiencu. If you can get all the parrowss to the end safely you ca unlock an exclusive raid sparrow pictured here.



security map.jpg
  1. Okay MLGweed1bruhpro.commers excuse me for this explanation from now on i am typing in a kyboard which is not cvery good so i will be missing a lotof letrers :)

  2. this encounter basically introduce 2 main mechanics of thisraid called scanner and operater.

  3. opertaor needs to get

  4. hisbuff and go down

  5. stauirs into basement

  6. here wehave a map of

  7. aformentioned

  8. basement... 

  9. the pink lines you can see uin image reporesent the pqads you have to shoot they kind f looklike samsung galaxy in game.

  10. operator shoots this pads bit only 4 of them (2 on light side 2 on dark) (if you dont know how to tell the light and dark rooms aopart idont know how to help you)

  11. howdo you know which pads to shoot yiou ask?

  12. answer is the scanner who is above (1scanner in each room) looks in windows intobasement and he (or she i dont judgge) will see 2 pads glolw yellow. theu tell operator which pads glow yellow and

  13. operaor shoots them.

  14. then scanner pass his scanner buff into the next room using the machine you got operator from at the start and do scanni8ng again.

  15. afterall 4 padsare shoot, opertor put his buff into the machione and someon uip top takes it and 

  16. then scanner puts scanner intpo the ,machine and he guy who was originally opetrator takes it anfd uses it tosee which fuses are glowing yellow now.

  17. then everyone a t top shoot and destroy the fuse he calls out a

  18. and thisis how to win security destiny 2.


Second ncounter Atraks 1


Atraks. whatevr. red downm yellow up whatever man juss figure it out its not fun always being todld what to do just figure it ou yourself for more fun like a puzzle.


3rd ebcounter

I dont actually know whatg this encounter iscalled but it doesnt matter becuase it isvery easy.

This encounter introduces us a new friend called SUpressor.


There are 3 rols thi s time to do and anyone xcan do it and jujst do encouneter chaos mode (its esiest way)

There will be 4 nukes that spawn and youhave to put them in one of 4 boxes near thec centre.

SCanner seeeeees which boxe glow yellow and then someomne puts a nuke into the box

this i swhere operair comes in... operaor has to gio to nuke spawn points and shoot all the pad glowing red to 1 to make it sspawns.

Finall;y our new friend suppressirt is a easyjob. there are 3 floating balls (lol) around the room and suppressor waits for nukes to spawn and then stands under a ball and szhoots the boss. this szuppresses rthe boss so the team can put the nukes in tgyhe box. you do this 25 times to winm.


Too easy>?

Dont worry- bungo made a way o fix this and make it hard (optional) (!!!!)

ONe of the weekly challengesthat will happen every 4 weeks is a challenfge called Of All Trads that means every player must use each role ONCE in the encounter. Thankfuykly we have a chart for make this easier for y7ou. 


The colums show which player uses which role and the horixzonal rows show when they use it which round.  So for exmple round 1, player 1 scans, player 3 operates and p[layer 3 suppresses. Follow thios guide as you play to see who needs what roles when tio cpomplete hese chakllenge.

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